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Prestige is a Philadelphia based tree service firm. We provide proficient tree removal and many related services with utmost efficiency. Ours is an essential amenity as it is required to protect your property from tree damage. We focus on accurate service, quality and safety. During any time, you can have your trees inspected by our professionals. While others cut loose on their jobs, we will execute anything that is required to complete the mission, as our workforces are completely licensed and insured. There is no room for amateurs. Period.


Our services include

If a tree is no longer required in your property, our professionals will safely remove them with no future difficulties. Dead branches are no treat to eyes, also it can prove to be quite dangerous. We take out these undesirable sections of a tree with assured quality. We will prune the tree for better structure and weight reduction.

Pruning keeps your trees healthy and beautiful. Storm damage caused by high winds may cause the dead limbs in a tree to fly over to any house or vehicles. We do proper clipping of these unwanted branches to ensure your safety.

We understand your budget and have affordable prices for all our services.