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Do you need to clear out some space in your front yard? But the huge tree stump is obstructing your property landscape. Fret not! We are here to help you out with our tree stump grinding Philadelphia services. Whether you need tree stump removal or grinding services, we are happy to help you out with anything.

A team of experts will be at your property to scoop out the tree stump and clear your yard for the things that you wanna do. Removal or grinding of tree stumps is not a layman’s job. You need expert hands to deal with it. Without the professional help, you might end up causing damage to your property or even worse, hurt yourself.

At Prestige, we have a team of qualified professionals that can take on the project of tree stump removal Philadelphia and provide you with impressive results. We also offer you with a free estimate for our services, all you gotta do is fill out our FREE ESTIMATE form.

Tree Stump Removal or Stump Grinding?

The two procedures of dealing with tree stumps often confuses many. Each method benefits your property in different ways. Let us provide you some insight on it.

Stump removal involves extracting the stump along with the entire root system and root ball attached to it. Heavy-duty equipment is required to successfully accomplish this task. We at Prestige have the required equipment and a team of highly skilled professionals to carry out the stump removal Philadelphia task successfully.

On the contrary, tree stump grinding removes the stump and the entire surface roots instead of complete extraction of the root system. In this method, the tree stump is grinded into fine mulch. Stump grinding is the most preferred service as it does the job of clearing out your yard. However, if you want to construct something new on the area where there is a tree stump then choosing stump removal services is the right way to go.

Here at Prestige we also provide prior inspection of your property so as to provide you with an accurate solution for tree services. Hence, if you are confused between the stump removal and stump grinding services, our expert team can inspect and offer you the right solution.

Why Choose Us?

At Prestige, you’ll get more than one reason to choose our services.

      Qualified Professionals at your servic – All our staff are qualified professionals that have years of experience handling tree stump removal/ grinding projects. You are assured to get premium quality outcomes once you hire our tree services.
      Certified & Insured – We are a BBB accredited company that never falters in delivering premium quality services. All our staff members at Prestige are insured and certified to provide you best stump grinding Philadelphia services.
      Advanced Equipment – Here at Prestige, we use advanced equipment and other helping tools to carry out our tree service projects. We ensure the safety of everyone and that’s why we have an updated advanced inventory of tools and equipment.

    So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to reach us out now and get your free estimate for tree stump grinding/ removal services.

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