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Prestige Tree Services in West Philly

Prestige Tree Service is a proud provider of specialist tree services.

Do you need tree removal, tree cutting, tree pruning or tree cabling services in west Philly? You can get specialist tree services from Prestige Tree Services. Call us today at (215) 207-7322 to remove trees and stumps, brace and prune old trees, and crane services in west Philly!


Services include

Large & Small Tree Removals

Tree Prunning & Trimming

Stump Grinding (All Sizes)

Block Clearing

Dangerous Tree Removal

Dead Wood Removal

24 Hour Storm Service

Storm Damage Clean Up

Tree Cabling

Crane Services

Prestige Tree Service — Licensed Tree Trimming & Removal Contractors in West Philly

Trees are definitely assets, providing oxygen and supporting all life. But sometimes they can be a liability as well. When you have storm damage in west Philly, sometimes uproot and fall on roads and property.

Don’t worry, our professional tree removal services in west Philly can help you! We have over a decade of experience in tree removal in west Philly, tree trimming, tree cutting, and crane services in west Philly.

At Prestige Tree Services, our employees are experienced professionals who care about the needs of the customer above all. Call us (215) 207-7322 today to remove trees and stumps!

Tree Cabling Services West Philly

Is that beloved, large tree in your property about to fall? Does it have weak structure, rotting branches, about to topple over the next storm? Don’t worry, call Prestige Tree Services for the most excellent tree cabling services in west Philly.

The most damage a tree takes is from high winds, weight of ice and snow, and heavy foliage. Prestige Tree Services provides both flexible steel strand cables and braces to reduce the stress on the tree’s branches and trunk.

We provide the most calculated and robust cabling and support bracing for weekend trees. Our employees provide proactive and preventive engineering to hold your precious tree together. Call (215) 207-7322 to get the best tree cabling services in west Philly today!

Tree Trimmers in West Philly

Make your outdoors look more lively and refreshing. Create order out of nature that is chaos. At Prestige Tree Services, we are the best tree trimmers in west Philly, providing contact-free tree trimming services in these trying times. Making your trees look better and safer is our goal here at the best tree trimming services in west Philly.

You love your trees, but what if it’s wild growth looks too chaotic and out of order? What if pests are crawling in and up its trunk, and what if the tree is weakening, and there are dead branches? You can’t have that! Call us right away at (215) 207-7322, to get the services of the best tree trimmers in west Philly.

Crane Services West Philly

Do you have a fallen tree on your property or on the street? Prestige Tree Services would be glad to help you out. We provide the best crane services in west Philly. Our crane operators are professionals having the utmost respect for your safety while operating heavy 40-ton cranes.

It is no light task to haul a tree out of your property. It is even harder when the tree has fallen on part of your house, due to storm damage in west Philly. But at Prestige Tree, our crane services in west Philly makes it look easy. Our large cranes can safely lift up whole trees, scoop up fallen branches, load them into a truck, and roll away to dispose of them in a proper manner according to regulations.

Tree Removal Services in West Philly

Want to expand your house, but that tree is in the way? Or, is the tree threatening your house? Don’t worry, call Prestige Tree Services! We provide the safest and most responsible tree removal services in west Philly, helping you get out of danger and reclaim valuable land.

Note that you should remove a tree only when it is absolutely necessary — we have to think about the environment, too. And you should only call a professional tree removal service in west Philly. Don’t go off hiring amateurs or try it yourself — you almost surely will end up doing more damage.

At Prestige Tree, we provide the most responsible and safe tree cutting services in west Philly, so that the tree won’t damage anything when it falls after the cut. You can also order to remove only parts of a tree if you want — we provide very safe and efficient tree trimming services in west Philly.

Call us at (215) 207-7322 today for the best tree removal, tree trimming, and tree cutting services in west Philly!

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