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Prestige Tree Service is a proud provider of specialist tree services.

We at Prestige Tree Services are a proud provider of specialist tree services. We are a trusted and reliable source for tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and other arborist services. We are equipped to handle jobs both big and small – from routine trimmings to emergency removals.


Services include

Large & Small Tree Removals

Tree Prunning & Trimming

Stump Grinding (All Sizes)

Block Clearing

Dangerous Tree Removal

Dead Wood Removal

24 Hour Storm Service

Storm Damage Clean Up

Tree Cabling

Crane Services

The need for licensed and bonded tree service in South Philly

Perhaps it’s time to spruce up your yard again – time to get trees cut down and pruned up! You’ve had plenty of time to think of things on how to improve the look of your home, and now you’re ready to take your home’s curb appeal up a notch or two. While it’s true that some of the work in the yard can be done by yourself, there’s much that is best left to tree trimming companies in South Philly or companies offering crane services in South Philly and dealing in storm damage in South Philly.

Why hire a tree trimming and tree removal service in South Philly?

Most people call in licensed tree trimmers in South Philly when a tree looks sickly – perhaps in need of removal or a quick pruning. They may even get called for planting new trees or to handle storm damage in South Philly. Working with trees takes time, requires certain equipment, and experience to avoid injuring people or property.

Expert tree trimming service in South Philly

While planting a tree in a park or a garden is a great endeavor on everyone’s part, removing it or maintaining the tree is a challenge. There can be times when you need crane services in South Philly to deal with broken branches and that is when you call in the big guns – people with the right expertise – people like us at Prestige Tree Services.

While there are many companies that claim to offer industry-best tree cutting and removal services in South Philly, very few actually have the expertise and the tools to get the job done. This is why you should always opt for reliable tree removal contractors in South Philly. We are licensed tree trimmers in South Philly and provide affordable tree removal in South Philly.

  1. Job experience and expertise – Our team at Prestige Tree Services is known for providing honest tree removal estimate in South Philly. We have the requisite know-how in handling and proper maintenance of trees. At times, trees don’t look sickly, but they face threats from the inside and even through the soil. Our team of experts is aware of the threats the trees face in every season and deal with them accordingly.
  2. Keeping the area clean – If a considerable chunk of a tree trunk falls off, it may well be a sign of some problem within the tree. This is where a good tree cutting service in South Philly comes in handy. They know how to handle difficult situations, and stop the spread of harmful tree diseases in your yard. Going through the website of such a company would be enough to find out whether or not they are equipped to handle diseases and keep the yard clean.
  3. Shaping the tree – Whenever trees start shedding leaves excessively or its branches begin falling off, tree trimming companies in South Philly start working in two ways. They prune and shape the tree in such a way that significantly minimizes the shedding of leaves, and also clean the area around so that the broken twigs and branches don’t pose any threat to the joggers and the general people around. Tree cabling in South Philly is also of big help as it rectifies the growth of the tree in a manner that is sustainable.
  4. Tree assessment – Just like most other things in life, trees also get damaged from time to time from the lack of maintenance. Although they look tall and mighty, they cannot stand neglect and eventually wither and die. Most people can take forever to notice any problem with their trees and thus you need licensed and bonded tree service in South Philly, people who can assess the health of the trees at least on a quarterly basis. Most tree health issues can be solved with the right medication if applied at the opportune moment.
  5. Addressing dead wooding – Most trees are enormous, not allowing sunlight to reach the inner branches. This causes dead wooding. You may be careful while watering, but in spite of your best efforts, some branches are packed so close to each other, that water doesn’t reach them. This too causes problems. A good tree trimming service in South Philly would tell you how the dearth of nutrients often leads to branches growing sickly and ultimately falling off. Dead wooding is a serious threat and can be of significant worry if left unchecked. This is where a reliable tree cutting service in South Philly comes in handy.

Finding good tree removal contractors in South Philly

Even when the trees seem fine, they need a certain level of pampering to foster healthy growth. But, while most people like planting trees, they aren’t quite aware of how to take good care of them. Moreover, hiring the right tree cutting and removal services in South Philly guarantees complete peace of mind. Most such services can be booked in packages, so they make visits from time to time and take care of the trees, while you just sit back and marvel at the little paradise you’ve created in your backyard. A garden with blooming flowers and tall, luscious trees is a vision for the eyes. While you may want to take care of the trees yourself, some things in life are beyond your control and need expert assistance. Opt for affordable tree removal in South Philly – a company that has the right men for the job, and wait for them to bring about a positive change in your yard.

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