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Prestige Tree Service is a proud provider of specialist tree services.

At Prestige Tree Services, we are passionate about trees. Our team of trained and certified arborists are ready to take on any tree-related challenge. So, whether the trees in your yard need routine trimmings or emergency removal, we’d be happy to help. Contact us for a free estimate.


Services include

Large & Small Tree Removals

Tree Prunning & Trimming

Stump Grinding (All Sizes)

Block Clearing

Dangerous Tree Removal

Dead Wood Removal

24 Hour Storm Service

Storm Damage Clean Up

Tree Cabling

Crane Services

For professional landscaping and tree cabling in Northeast Philly

While trees bring balance to this world, the maintenance of these beautiful things is often overlooked by homeowners, particularly because they look quite strong, and seem to have survived well for all these years. While planting a tree in a garden or yard is an easy job, maintaining it or even removing it isn’t easy. At times, even the mightiest of trees suffer storm damage in Northeast Philly, thereby needing help – something that needs to be addressed and resolved professionally. This is where good tree trimming companies in Northeast Philly come into the picture.

The importance of tree service removal company in Northeast Philly

  • Expertise and experience counts – It takes ample know-how to figure out why a tree is shedding its leaves or whether the loss of foliage and branches due to the storm damage in Northeast Philly would be bad for the tree. At times, it may not seem like a bad situation and you may feel that the tree would manage on its own, but if you look closely, even small wounds having a pungent smell, or a heavy loss of foliage may be signs of a struggling tree.
  • Limitations you can’t overcome – You are probably one of those guys who likes taking care of the tree yourself, but when your tree needs a trim or pruning, you will need some professional help. While you can definitely opt for crane services in Northeast Philly and try doing that on your own as well, but pruning and tree cabling are jobs best left to people who know what they’re doing. In fact, the best tree trimming companies in Northeast Philly have their own cranes as well, so that they can effectively render services even to tall trees.
  • Safety comes first – Working with trees is a dangerous task, especially when you have lots of trees in the yard. While taking care of big trees, one has to constantly keep in mind different factors such as power lines, decaying wood, and other equipment. Licensed tree service providers are equipped to handle trees of all kinds, and they can even tell if trees are suffering from any diseases. Finding out about disease in its early stages heightens the chances of the tree recovering from it. The right maintenance coupled with early first-aid can be of great help.

So, whether your tree is facing structural issues, is storm-ravaged, looking dull and diseased, or is simply in need of maintenance, never settle for the second-best! Reach out to the best tree service in Northeast Philly, capable of handling any and all tree-related issues. Make sure that they offer emergency services and provide 24×7 assistance.

Finding the best tree service in Northeast Philly

Are your trees overgrown, dead, or dying? Are there stumps in the ground that you want to be removed? At prestige Tree Services, we have experienced arborists to guide you on the best course of action, and even carry out all tree-related works for you. Whether you need tree maintenance, or pruning and trimming, or perhaps looking for an emergency tree removal service, we would be happy to help. We are a bonded and insured full-service tree company committed to offering the very best customer service.

Give us a call at (215) 207-7322 to know more about us and our range of services.

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