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Prestige Tree Service is a proud provider of specialist tree services.

We at Prestige Tree Services offer tree removal, pruning, trimming, and other arborist services at affordable rates. We believe that by improving tree care, we can improve our community and that the most effective way to handle trees is by adopting a proactive plan.


Services include

Large & Small Tree Removals

Tree Prunning & Trimming

Stump Grinding (All Sizes)

Block Clearing

Dangerous Tree Removal

Dead Wood Removal

24 Hour Storm Service

Storm Damage Clean Up

Tree Cabling

Crane Services

Guide to tree maintenance and tree cabling in Huntington Valley

Trees are phototrophic organisms and thus they choose to grow in the direction of the available light. This is why in urban settings, you’d often find trees stretching over your home. This pattern of limb growth is fairly common and arborists call them overextended. Naturally, over a period of time, the tree fails to support the weight of its overextended limbs and the canopy. This is why you need tree services to help you with the problem. Even the most affordable tree service in Huntington Valley would be able to address the issue. Trees that haven’t been pruned for good structure when young, can exhibit V-shaped crotches or codominant stems. Such trees have weak branch unions, which may eventually lead to a large limb failure.

Do you need crane services in Huntington Valley for tree cabling?

For those who do not know, tree cabling involves installing a cable onto the limb of a weak branch and connecting it with a strong limb. The cable is somewhat flexible and thus doesn’t restrict or hinder growth, but at the same time provides the necessary support. It thus reduces the risk of complete structural failure. In severe cases, arborists also use bracing rods for tree cabling in Huntington Valley. It is generally done on the upper limbs of the tree, and thus arborists may need help from reliable crane services in Huntington Valley. However, at Prestige Tree Services, we have our own tools and cranes to help us deal with all tree-related problems. So, if you notice weak spots or multiple crotches, do not hesitate to call in the experts.

Can you do it yourself?

Certified arborists evaluate trees for health and structural problems. They also check for signs of diseases spreading within the trees. They are trained for specific goals – preservation of trees and risk reduction. In fact, sometimes, arborists recommend using tree cabling not just to save the tree, but to also protect the house or the barn next to it. That said, sometimes, people try doing these on their own, chiefly because of the excessive tree removal prices in Huntington Valley. However, you would be pleased to know that some of the tree services offer cheap tree removal in Huntington Valley and they are equally good.

Some common issues that might need tree cabling include:

  • Long heavy branches that are too overextended for the tree to support
  • Branches that are weak due to storm damage in Huntington Valley
  • Branches that have weak limbs or weak branch unions over residential structures
  • Codominant stems that are structurally weak and can damage objects below

Can pruning trees help?

Of course, pruning can help and is often considered as the first viable option, but over-pruning or pruning without knowledge can adversely affect the tree. This is why, services that provide effective and reliable residential tree removal in Huntington Valley first make sure that the tree is fit enough to recover from pruning and trimming, and only then proceed with it. However, in worst-case scenarios, these are strictly avoided, and instead, they opt for tree cabling. It is worth mentioning that you should avoid doing it on your own, and rather look for services that work even at low tree cutting service cost in Huntington Valley.

How to find an affordable tree service in Huntington Valley?

Companies providing tree services generally use tree cabling for three main reasons – prevention, restoration, and mitigation. If caught early, the problem can be addressed through strategic pruning. But in mature trees, arborists generally opt for cabling. Despite all your love for the trees in your yard, it’s not possible for you to figure out whether your tree needs help and whether it will be able to withstand another storm damage in Huntington Valley. In fact, even in best case scenarios, you should call in arborists to come and check the cables periodically/ annually. Though once installed, the cables are good for 20-30 years, but still, experienced arborists recommend a climbing inspection every 3-5 years to determine the integrity of the hardware and the tree limb.

Prestige Tree Services is a notable company dealing in residential tree removal in Huntington Valley. Our range of services also includes tree trimming, pruning, cabling, stump grinding, and more. We have worked with hundreds of clients in the Huntington Valley area and have an extensive list of referrals from clients. We are known for our customer service, fair pricing policies, and efficient work.

Call us at (215) 207-7322 to find out how our team can help you. You may even reach out to us for info about our range of services.

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