3 Easy Hacks for Summer Tree Care

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3 Easy Hacks for Summer Tree Care

June marks summer in Philadelphia. While the weather during this season is apt for outdoor activities, keep in mind that you will still need healthy trees to give you shade. You don’t want to suffer from sunburn or extreme dehydration because of the summer heat, right?

The summer season in Philadelphia can be more fun if your trees are healthy and well-maintained. Aside from giving you shade, healthy trees will also ensure that your property stays appealing during the summer and throughout the year!

Here are three easy hacks to ensure to keep your trees healthy for the summer:

1. Prune Your Trees During Winter

Keeping your trees healthy is a long-term commitment, which is why you should start early. If you want to enjoy healthy and appealing trees for the summer, start pruning them as early as winter. This is especially important if you’re growing fruit trees on your property.

Tree pruning during winter provides countless benefits, namely:

  • Lessens stress on trees: Tree pruning puts less stress on trees because the cold weather can’t kill the new growth. Tree pruning during this season also allows trees to heal from pruning cuts before the warmer weather, keeping them safe from insects and pathogens prevalent during spring and summer.
  • Trees will look better in the summer: Tree pruning is best done during late winter because they can recover quickly during the spring with new growth. By the time summer comes, your trees will look colorful and healthier!
  • Avoids spread of diseases: Diseases, namely fire blight and oak wilt, are common during spring and summer, and pruning your trees during these seasons will make them susceptible to cause or spread these diseases. Fortunately, most bacteria, fungi, insects, and parasites are dormant during winter, so pruning your trees during this season will decrease their susceptibility to these diseases.

2. Apply a Fresh Layer of Mulch

Applying mulch is an easy and effective way of keeping your trees healthy during the summer. Mulch provides additional moisture to your trees and ensures that they can still take in water despite the humid weather. Mulch also protects the root system of your trees and keeps them strong.

When applying mulch, remember that less is more. Avoid putting excessive amounts of mulch around your trees as this will only encourage the growth of pests and bacteria.

Ideally, you should apply one layer of mulch that is around five to ten centimeters thick around your trees. Make sure to leave some space between the mulch and the base of your trees, and arrange the mulch into a donut shape to steer away from pests and diseases.

3. Pay Attention to Signs of Heat Stress

Too much heat can have adverse effects on the health of your trees, which is why you should regularly check them for any signs of heat stress. Heat stress in trees decreases the growth rate of the leaves and reduces their ability to produce oxygen for photosynthesis.

Some of the most common signs of heat stress in trees include wilting leaves, yellowing of the leaves, and drooping. If you notice any of these in your old, mature trees, give them sufficient water to recover. For young trees, give them plenty of shade to protect them from excess heat.

Work With the Best Tree Service in Philly

Keeping your trees healthy in time for summer is a long process that requires many resources. Individuals who wear different hats at the same time might not have the time and energy to care for their trees on their own. If you live the same lifestyle, fret not because you can always hire professionals who provide tree service in Philly.

We at Prestige Tree Service pride ourselves on being the best tree service in Philadelphia. We offer a wide variety of tree services, such as tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, tree cabling, and so much more.

To know more about our tree services, contact us at (215) 207-7322, or fill out this form to receive a free estimate. With the experience we have, we can easily care for your trees and ensure that they look their best during the summer!

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